Zill: Page for Download of Gross Anatomy Review Files

Review for Board Exams and Gross Anatomy Final Exam Spring 2017


This goal of this section is to make review of material in Gross Anatomy as efficient and user-friendly as possible.  Four general areas are reviewed: 1) Vertebra, Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerves,  2) Head and Neck Embryology, 3) Head Neck Clinical Anatomy and 4) Lower Extremity Clinical Anatomy.  For each area there are 1) summary charts, 2) practice questions, 3) Powerpoint files and 4) videos.  One approach to studying the material is to first look over the summary charts.  If all the material seems familiar, then try taking the related exam questions. You can also rapidly review the Powerpoint files that provide illustrations of the structures/clinical problems.    If some material seems unclear or unfamiliar, you can view the videos and listen to the soothing and erudite discourse.


Download  All In One 2017 Review Files (charts, questions) - (download pdf)


Review Material


    1) Vertebra, Spinal Cord, Spinal Nerves, Upper and Lower Motor Neuron Lesions

        a. Review charts (download pdf)

        b. Powerpoint File (download pdf)

        c. Review Questions (download pdf)

        d. Video (download mp4; download ipod m4V)


    2) Head and Neck Embryology

        a. Review charts (download pdf)

        b. Powerpoint File (download pdf)

        c. Review Questions (download pdf)

        d. Video (download mp4; download ipod m4V)


    3) Head and Neck Clinical Anatomy

        a. Review charts (download pdf)

        b. Powerpoint File (download pdf)

        c. Review Questions (download pdf)

        d. Video (download part A mp4; download part A ipod m4V; download part B mp4; download part B ipod m4V)


    4) Lower Extremity

        a. Review charts (download pdf)

        b. Powerpoint File (download pdf)

        c. Review Questions (download pdf)

        d. Video (download mp4; download ipod m4V)


Best web source for review questions:


Web based questions - University of Michigan - Listed under subject.  To get answers: click on choices in each question.




Other Review Material


1. Videos of Review Lectures from Gross Course


Lower Extremity Review - download Powerpoint; download video


Head and Neck Review Block 1 - part 1 - download Powerpoint; download video


Head and Neck Review Block 1 - part 2 - download Powerpoint; download video


Head and Neck Review Block 2  - download Powerpoint; download video

2. Practice  Exam Questions

a) General Anatomical Knowledge: old Anatomy exam questions: straightforward, relaxing and non-clinical


1) Upper Extremity and Back - download questions, download answers

2) Head and Neck - download questions, download answers

3. Focused Review Lectures

1) Larynx Review - Powerpoint - download Larynx_mini_review_2012f.ppt

video -  download Larynx_mini_review_2012.mp4

review sheet -  download Larynx_Mini_Review_2012.doc


2) Sensory Innervation of Head and Neck: Touch, Pain and Taste - Powerpoint - download Sensory_Innervation_of_Head_and_Neck_focused_review_2012.ppt
video - download Touch_Taste_Innervation_Head_Focused_Review_2012.mp4

review sheet -  download Sensory_Innervation_Head_Touch_Taste_2012f.doc


3) Autonomic Innervation of Eye and Orbit - Powerpoint - download Autonomic_Innervation_of_Eye_and_Orbit_2012.ppt

video  - download Autonomic_Innervation_of_Eye_and_Orbit.mp4

review sheet - download Autonomic_Innervation_of_Orbit_and_Eye_2012.doc


4. Other Useful Websites for Review of Gross Anatomy


Basic questions:



Useful Links to Anatomy Software:


Head and Neck Integration/Review Lectures


1) Glossopharyngeal nerve - download handout; download Powerpoint; download video


2) Mini-skull session PowerPoint - download Powerpoint; download video


Head and Neck Reference Videos

1) Trigeminal nerve - download video Trigeminal_nerve_reference_video.mp4

1a) Trigeminal nerve reference PowerPoint - download PowerPoint  Trigeminal_nerve_branchesf_2012f.ppt
1b) Trigeminal nerve reference handout - download handout Reference_handout_list_of_Trigeminal_nerve_branches_2012.doc

Old Head and Neck Lecture/Videos - Block 1

1) Skull Session PowerPoint - download Skullsessionfirst2010.ppt

2) Review Integration of Embryology of Cranial Nerves PowerPoint - download Review_Integration_of_Embryology_Cranial_Nerves_2010_Final.ppt

3) Prosection Review 1 - download Prosection_review_1_2011.mp4

4) Prosection Review 1 PowerPoint - download Prosection_review_010711.ppt

5) Review Lecture Embryology - download Final_head_and_neck_review_embryology_011811.mp4

5a) Review Lecture Embryology PowerPoint and Handout - download PowerPoint; download handout

6) Review Lecture Cranial Nerves - download Final_review_Cranial_Nerves_011911.mp4

6a) Review Lecture Cranial Nerves PowerPoint and Handout - download Head_and_Neck_Review_Cranial_Nerves_2011Final.ppt; download Review_Cranial_Nerves_I-VI.doc

7) Final Prosection Review PowerPoint: download Prosection_review_012211_finalf.ppt

Practice Questions and Reviews for Head and Neck Block 2

1) Practice Exam Questions - download Head_and_Neck_Block2_Practice_Exam_Questions_2011.doc; key download Block2_Practice_Exam_Key_2011.doc

2) Review of Foramina of Nasal Cavity and Palate - download Review_Foramina_Innervation_Nasal_Cavity_and_Palate.mp4

2a) Foramina of Nasal Cavity and Palate PowerPoint - download Foramina_of_Palate_and_Nasal_Cavity_2011.ppt

3) Review of CT Series of Head - download Review_of_CT_series_Head.mp4

3a) Review of CT of Head and Neck - download Review_Radiology_Head_and_Neck_CT_series_xrays_and_scans_2011_block2f.ppt

4) Practice Practical Exam Block 2 part 1 - download Practice_practical_2011_Block2_part1.ppt

5) Practice Practical Exam Block 2 part 2 - download Practice_practical_2011_Block2_part2.ppt download Final_Review_part1_021011.mp4

6) Final in-class Review 021011 part 1 - download Final_Review_part1_021011.mp4

6a) Final in-class Review 021011 PowerPoint - download FinalReviewff2011.ppt 

7) Final in-class Review 021011 part 2 - download Final_Review_part2_021011.mp4

Head and Neck Supplementary Material

1) Practice Practical Exam for Head and Neck and Face block 1 - download PowerPoint; download Key

2) Practice Questions for Written Exam Block 1 and Key - download HeadandNeckPracticeExam2011.doc; download Practiceexamkey2011.doc

3) Trigeminal Nerve branches Powerpoint - download PowerPoint

3) Spinal Reflexes part b - (download QuickTime video)

Neuroscience Course video files (right mouse click on word download)

1) Digital Video Files for Spinal Reflexes

    a) Normal stretch reflexes (download video)

    b) Stretch reflexes in patient with Upper Motor Neuron lesion (download video)

    c) Normal flexor reflexes (download video)

    d) Positive Babinski sign in flexor reflex (download video)   

    e) Baby walks (download video), (download mpg)

    f) Baby walks backward (download video), (download mpg)

Reference Files for Gross Anatomy and Radiology

Confusion about Eye movements: Clinical tests vs. anatomical description (download PowerPoint)

Review Lecture: Medical Imaging of Vertebrae (download PowerPoint); (download pdf)

Files from Summer Course in Gross Anatomy Dissection 2009

Review of Anatomy for Clinical Lecture/Demonstrations

1) Review of Anatomy Underlying Cervical Intervertebral Disc Repair (download hi res PowerPoint), (download low res PowerPoint)

2) Review of Anatomy Underlying Procedures in Emergency Medicine (download hi res PowerPoint), (download low res PowerPoint)

3) Review of Anatomy Underlying Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (download hi res PowerPoint), (download low res PowerPoint), (download doc file)

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